Are You Ready to Repatriate?


When it is time to move back home after a stint working in Qatar, proper planning plays an important role in getting things in order. The “moving out” process can sometimes be tricky especially if you leave logistical details too long and try to rush everything at the last minute. Therefore, identifying your priorities can help you achieve a more effective transition. 

If you have been an employee in Qatar and relocating to your home country, your sponsor will be responsible for your visa cancellation and issuance of exit permit, so you can tick that off your list. Your wife and any children or dependents are already noted under your sponsorship so they won’t need exit permits either. However, a male dependent over the age of 18 years is not exempt. You can check Qatar Exit Permit Rules for verification.

All that is left is to figure out how to swiftly handle your move with an expert international moving company, such as Allied Pickfords. Below are some guidelines that may assist you in your relocation.

  1. Close your accounts.

    Bank Accounts – Transfer/withdraw your remaining funds. Settle your loans and credit cards at least 2 months prior to leaving. Individuals who are unable to pay existing debts will be stopped at the border so make sure you obtain a clearance from the bank. 

    Utilities – if you have an account with KAHRAMAA, arrange a disconnection service with them. Fill out a Service Application Form and request for a final bill. Visit KAHRAMAA’s nearest service centre with the completed form, a copy of your QID and settle the remaining balance. A clearance will be issued and your deposit of QAR$2000 (AUD$700) shall be refunded. 

    Postpaid and Internet Services – Settle and close your landline and postpaid accounts with your local service provider (Ooredoo/Vodafone

  2. Cease Housing/Rental Contract

    Notify your landlord at least one month before leaving. This will give them enough time to conduct a final inspection and return your deposit. 

  3. Donate/Sell

    You don’t have to transport everything with you when you move internationally from Qatar. You can either donate or sell your extra clothes and furniture. You can also sell your car online if you bought one to drive around the city. Be sure you don’t have any properties under your name as this can cause problems for your immigration.

  4. Ship your valuables

    When you need to ship your car from Qatar to your country of destination, secure the following:

    1. Passport copy
    2. Visa
    3. Driver’s license
    4. Original car registration
    5. MAKASA

      You can also hire a moving company such as Allied Pickfords, backed by more than 400 years of moving experience, to take care of these for you. One of the many advantages of hiring a professional mover is they take care of much of the necessary documentation making your move a much simpler process overall. You don’t have to spend your valuable time waiting in queues to fill out any required paperwork you need to take with you. Professional movers will also guide you through the dos and don’ts of vehicle shipping. 

  5. Remember your pets

Pets are family and unless you’re moving home to a non pet-friendly address you will most likely want to take your treasured friend with you. Secure your pets’ travel documents and necessary arrangements so they can swiftly travel with you or check if your mover can do the necessary arrangements. 

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