Cost of Moving in Doha

cost of moving in doha

Many people love the idea of finding a new place to live, perhaps a more modern abode or somewhere in a more appealing location, yet they stop themselves from living their dream because they believe moving is too expensive. 

Moving is only as costly as the value you put on making the change. Perhaps moving would mean you spend less on transport because you’re closer to work and schools for your kids. Or maybe moving to a nicer neighbourhood would mean you are happier and so it is your mental health that is improved. There are lots of positives to gain from moving if you’re not happy where you are. Just write down a list of the pros and cons and you’ll soon find the cost of moving in Doha can be outweighed by the positives of moving somewhere you’ve fallen in love with. 

One thing that will save you money is planning your move well ahead of time to have a clear strategy. Organising a declutter of your home is a great way to save on moving costs because you’ll be relocating less items overall. Selling, donating or giving away unwanted clothing, furniture and trinkets can save you plenty on moving day.

Here, the team at Allied Pickfords has broken down the costs for moving in Doha.

1. Type of accommodation.

The cost of moving in Doha depends on the type of accommodation you’re moving into. Like most modern metropolitan centres, Doha offers various types of accommodation. You’ll find middle-class units, which are mostly studio-style apartments to 3-bedroom flats, family rooms in residential compounds and luxurious homes located in prime spots around the city. 

Studio units range from QAR 2000-2800 per month. One to 3-bedroom flats will set you back about QAR 3500-7000 each month, while luxurious homes can be rented for QAR 15,000-25,000 monthly. Prices may depend on location and whether or not the residence is unfurnished, partial or fully furnished. 

Most landlords require a total of 13 cheques (12 cheques of a year’s contract plus 1 security cheque). You will have to pay the first month in advance, but it is not always required to pay a deposit upfront. 

2. KAHRAMAA deposit.

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) is responsible for regulating and maintaining the supply of electricity and water in Qatar. Most studios and 1-bedroom flats come with free use of water and electricity. However, if you’re moving into larger premises, you’ll need to apply for your connection. 

A returnable deposit of QAR 2000 is required to open a KAHRAMAA account to cover outstanding bills upon completion of your contract. To register, you can visit the KAHRAMAA website for the full details.

3. Internet connection.

There are only 2 internet providers in Qatar, Ooredoo and Vodafone. Both provide unlimited broadband connection starting from QAR 250-1500 per month. 

4. Moving fees.

Some moving companies charge by the hour and some charge by the number of trips, while others charge by the amount and type of furniture you need to move. To get a good deal with a Doha moving company, be sure to book well in advance and ask about any discounts for their services. 

5. Cost of additional appliances and or furnishings. 

If you are moving into an unfurnished unit you will need to factor in the cost of fitting out the apartment, while moving into a fully furnished house the costs are clear upfront. Remember, think twice before buying items in case there isn’t enough space to put them. 

If you’re an expat and you don’t know how long you’ll be staying in Qatar or you’re not keen on purchasing a household full of necessities, look for fully furnished properties to help cut the cost of moving in Doha. 

You have to consider whether you want to pay for packing services as well. Perhaps you don’t have time to pack, you’re physically limited in some capacity or you would rather focus on the more important elements of your move, such as helping your children get settled in a new school or organising a farewell at work if you’re changing jobs. 

Allied Pickfords is a reliable moving company, with experienced teams to handle your moving needs. Contact Allied Pickfords movers to help you with all your moving enquiries and make sure you have a copy of your Qatar ID on moving day because you may be asked to supply it.