Is relocating internationally on your own dollar worth it?


There are many reasons why people want to relocate to another country. Retirees may prefer to live somewhere peaceful and cheaper than their current living situation or perhaps move closer to grandchildren who’ve been born overseas. Baby boomers may relocate internationally to invest their money in other countries. Professionals, on the other hand, do it to broaden their career growth opportunities. Whatever your reason for moving, you need to consider the pros and cons of an international relocation, especially if you are doing it at your own expense.

Relocating internationally on your own dollar could be risky. But if planned properly could pave the way for an enriching experience. Most expats move to or from Qatar for career development. If you are hired directly, your company will most likely take care of the essentials, such as travel fees, accommodation and transportation of goods. If you are lucky enough, your company would even provide full meals. Other businesses may alternatively provide allowances for food and entertainment away from home.

Some nationalities are privileged to enter Qatar visa-free, valid for 30 days, which gives travellers the opportunity to look for jobs while they are in Qatar.

Consider the following factors before relocating to Qatar at your own expense.


Airfares may vary during peak and off-peak seasons. The key is booking early. It may cost about a bit for an economy return ticket, depending on how early you book your flight. Avoid travelling during Ramadan, which is usually around the middle of the year, as the temperature can become blistering hot and most organisations do not entertain new employee hiring. You can also check out the cheapest hotels/accommodations at While you are at it, enjoy all that Qatar has to offer by checking out the things you can do and places you can visit.

If you’re moving from Qatar, make sure you research your intended destination well so you’re aware of local customs, holidays and work opportunities if you’re intending to apply for jobs.


Before deciding your move, search the internet for possible job opportunities and prospect companies. Is your line of work in-demand in the region? Approximately how long do you think it will take you to land a job?


If you are going to pay your own rent, there is a lot of accommodation available in Qatar. Moving companies like Allied Pickfords can help you with your relocation needs. Hiring a relocation company can save you time and relieve you of much of the stress of moving by helping you with your logistics checklist, packing and unpacking and helping you set an effective plan to stick to.


You also have to consider other expenses like food, leisure, and utilities. Qatar has a diverse mix of culture and religion that would provide you with the best of both worlds. When it comes to food, fine dining could cost you over USD$50 per person but you can also find local delicacies for much cheaper – especially in local markets. Utilities are affordable, too.

 Relocating internationally on your own dollar can be well worth it if you strategise properly. One of the many ways you can save valuable time and money is by talking to professionals like Allied Pickfords. We will provide you with a Moving Consultant, who has an extensive knowledge when it comes to international relocations.

They will assist you as you start your journey to or from Qatar. For further information and queries, you may contact us through our website or our Qatar Branch at Allied Pickfords Qatar, Palm Tower B, Office 4702 West Bay, Doha, Qatar, Tel: + 974.4016.6222, Fax: + 974.4016.6223.

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