Moving House is the Ideal Time to Declutter


The good thing about moving house is it means the beginning of a new chapter, an opportunity to meet new people and start fresh in a new environment. There’s no avoiding it, however, moving is both exciting and stressful. Not only is there the exhaustion of the seemingly endless packing and unpacking. Indeed, you never know how much junk you have until you start going through your possessions. 

Expats make more than half of Qatar’s population so home relocations are very common. Residential compounds and flats are scattered throughout the country; most of them offering captivating deals. What is even more exciting is that the Middle East is renowned for beautiful furniture, affordable goods, and unlimited sales. Who could resist a hefty discount? While shopping can be therapeutic, too much ‘stuff’ in your home can cause unnecessary chaos. 

As minimalism is a current trend, moving to a new property creates a great opportunity to declutter. Leaving the non-essential items can help make your move a simpler task. To guide you when relocating and decluttering, here are some dos and don’ts.

1. Leave the bulk behind.

Find accommodation that will provide your essential furniture, then complement your white goods with favoured pieces of your own. 

Most flats/villas in Qatar are leased fully or partially furnished so you don’t have to worry about the big and bulky items, such as refrigerators, washing machines, portable air conditioners and your sofa. Moving as a small family? Try to empty your unnecessary storage boxes, which have probably been left sitting unopened since you moved into your current address. In fact, why not throw away the whole box to avoid thinking you have more space to hoard unused belongings. 

Sell your possessions online. There are a lot of websites, local classifieds, and social media groups where you can advertise. Make money while liberating your new home of clutter. Remember, relocating with minimal possessions can help minimise your cleaning time as well.

2. Let go of the clothes you do not wear.

It’s not just the expats. All of us have that pile we always keep but never wear. It could be outdated fashions or clothes that once fit and now don’t due to weight gain or weight loss,. 

Separate these items to make it easier to figure out what to chuck and what to keep. Put aside the clothes that don’t fit you anymore or pieces you never wear. Do the same with your bags and shoes. Leave a pair or two for specific occasions: formal, casual, and sports.  

3. You do not need a VERY big space.

When looking for an apartment in Qatar, choose a location that will accommodate your family comfortably but without excess space. Clutter starts when there is more room to fill. Utilise the ‘dead’ spaces in your home by adding a mirror or perhaps accentuate the area with a plant or a table with a vase. 

Qatar’s climate goes to extremes so choose an apartment that is well-ventilated. Make sure the windows are installed with good sealant as dust from sand storms may easily enter your house. 

4. Donate.

Qatar has a huge heart for people in need. You can donate your extra possessions so other people can enjoy your old trash as their new treasure. It will not only relieve you of unnecessary baggage, it will also help people in need.

It is essential to consider choosing a qualified removalist that will take care of your possessions. Moving is the best time to rid yourself of excess clutter, relocate with the basics and start fresh in your new home, feeling lighter. 


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