Plan Your Move Early – Talk to the Professionals

Deciding to move overseas for work is an exciting prospect but the process can be fraught with hurdles. The best strategy is to plan your international move to or from Qatar early and seek professional assistance.

Unless you’re moving internationally within your own corporation that has preapproved accommodation for you, make it a fun project to research the best places to live. It is easy to find new, relatively cheap and convenient homes in Qatar nowadays. Qatar has plenty of well-positioned apartments and villas for rent. Searching the right website or a trusted property finder can result in acquiring a real steal. Accommodation in Qatar ranges from a single room to massive 5-bedroom villas; most of which are strategically located near shopping malls, mosques, schools and commercial districts.


As clichéd as it may seem, the earlier you plan your move, the better. Preparing early will ensure that everything is ticked off your checklist.

When moving to Qatar, visas are a must, although there are some countries that do not require prior visa arrangements. Additionally, being an Islamic country, there are a number of dos and don’ts to adhere to. When already living in Qatar, choosing a home can be relatively simple. There are representatives and agents that will help you find your perfect home, including the arrangements for the rental contract.  

TIP: Some residences do not include the basics. Be sure to check your electricity, water, internet and telephone connections prior to signing any lease agreements.  


You can either burn yourself out in the process of packing, unpacking and arranging your belongings or you can let the professionals do the job.

There are many ways a professional mover can simplify your relocation. Skilled movers are backed by experience and the right moving equipment so they can smoothly transport your belongings. Saving time on the moving details frees up your time so you are able to take care of other important aspects, such as getting ready for the new job or prepping the kids for their new school.  

The Pros:

Initially, it is recommended to talk to at least three professional movers when moving to or from Qatar. This will help you compare the benefits, fees and their scope of work. Hiring movers can also be cost and time effective. Doing your own packing will require purchasing the appropriate packing materials, such as bubble wrap, boxes and pallets, plus the hiring costs of trucks and the required manpower. Additionally, professionals use heavy-duty and trusted equipment to safeguard your furniture and reinforced packing materials to help avoid damages. When moving locally, a larger truck can save you from multiple trips to transport all your belongings.

TIP: Choose the mover that is familiar with the routes and your new neighbourhood to ensure your belongings are safely shipped.

Movers can also give you an upfront estimate of the moving cost. Choose a mover that is not only well established but one that has impeccable customer service. A reputable mover will have no hidden charges and could also provide you with a flexible storage facility should you require one.

Talking to a reliable moving company can overshadow the strain brought about by relocating. Compared to a do-it-yourself approach, movers can guarantee your relocating process is a lot smoother than it needs to be.

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