Top Expat Organisations in Qatar

If you find you are an expat who has recently moved to Qatar and you’re feeling homesick or isolated from friends and family, you may not have heard that there are loads of meet-up activities to take part in and people to interact with. Qatar’s population is mainly immigrants, so you’ll find plenty of social support groups and other expat organisations in Qatar are dotted throughout the country. Qatar is full of people from various countries and nationalities. There is a thriving community of expats in the country’s capital, Doha, whereby you can easily expand your social network and make new friends, helping to make life away from home a little less tedious.

Looking for like-minded people or simply want to make some new friends in your adopted city, Doha? Below are the top expat organisations in Qatar that can connect you to people from every corner of the globe who share similar interests.


Tuesday Ladies Group or TLG Doha

Expat ladies will not run out of fun things to do. Founded by a group of British women in 1976, TGL Doha is the longest running meet-up group in Qatar. Members get together every alternate Tuesday from September to May at Radisson Blu Hotel to share their expertise, make new friends, learn or simply have fun.

Membership fee: QAR 150 per year

An additional QAR 65 is paid at each meeting. This is inclusive of a healthy brunch. You can also invite a friend/colleague. Non-members/guests are expected to pay QAR 100 at each meeting. Check out the Facebook page for more information.


Qatar Expats

Newbie to Qatar? This organisation is open to anybody who loves the outdoors. Members of this organisation meet up for activities, such as boat trips, desert safaris, pub drinks, dining and barbecues. 

Membership fee: Free. You just need to sign up.

To find out more about the group and their activities, check out their Facebook page.


Escape Qatar

Love travelling? Escape Qatar is a travel company in which members can enjoy great individual travel deals together in a group-travel environment. It often hosts post-trip meet-up events to help you stay in touch with your travel pals. With almost 1900 members at the time of publication, the group has organised travel to 18 different countries over 2 years. Join Escape Qatar if you are up to meeting new people while enjoying the world.

Membership fee: Free.


Reach Out To Asia

Philanthropic group ROTA is looking for volunteers in Qatar to join the team in their mission to help less fortunate people across Asia. Not only do members get to meet new people, they also dedicate their time through fundraising projects and events. You do not just meet new friends with ROTA, you create a family.

Membership fee: Free

Find out more on the Facebook page.


Australians and New Zealanders in Qatar

This is a group dedicated solely to Australians and New Zealanders in Doha. So, if you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi expat and you’re feeling a little homesick or maybe you’re missing have a good debate about rugby, this group is waiting for you.

Membership fee: QAR 600, from January to December and discounted after the EOFY.

The Facebook page has information about upcoming events.


Doha Mums

Mothers helping other mothers, this organisation is open to all nationalities and religions. It currently has more than 1200 members, who help each other with issues relating to raising a family, from breastfeeding to adoption. Doha Mums members usually meet over dinner, holiday parties or coffee; opportunities for a breath of fresh air for working and stay-at-home mums.

Membership fee: Online payment of QAR 150/year

The Facebook page often posts job opportunities for members to look at.


There are many more expat organisations in Qatar that bring together people regardless of race and religion. Whether you are looking for new friends or seeking fun activities, you might make yourself some life-long friends if you make the effort to attend.

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